About Us

Aama Impex is a privately owned company, established in 1985 and registered under the Ministry of Commerce .His Majesty’s Government of Nepal.

Main line of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Retailer

Main product lines

  • Dhaka hand –woven cloth
  • Pashmina (Cashmere) with silk base.
  • Pashmina Knitwears
  • Allo natural fibre

Export Experience

The company started exporting all kinds of Nepalese Handicrafts from 1989.

The Main Aim of the company

  • To carry out profitable operations by means of (a) Exports (b) Retail (c) Wholesale
  • To encourage production of high quality Nepalese Handicrafts.
  • To advise and control the quality of the product, so that the buyers are satisfied with the quality, time of delivery and competitive price.
  • Since its inception the priority of the company is to employ local women to make them self –sufficient contributing to the overall development of the country.


To revive the rich Himalayan natural fibres.


Going deep into the roots of Himalayan hand-woven textiles and crafts to find its relevance in the present context.

At Aama,Quality is not a mere word but is a parameter on which our success depends. Our  well equipped manufacturing unit is the driving force behind our success story. We only use  best quality raw material that has helped in getting a wide acceptance in domestic as well as  international markets. We have highly skilled and competent team who make substantial  contribution in the basic quality of materials as well as the innovative products we offer.

We compete effectively in today’s global business environment by constantly delivering cost  competitive and high quality products and services that meet or exceed customer’s  expectations.

Aama Impex is a private company established in 1985 and registered under the Ministry of Commerce. The main businesses are export (60%) and retail (40%). The company started exporting all kinds of handicrafts but little by little reoriented its activity towards Nettle natural fibre, and Pashmina.
A manufacturing unit Aama Craft was established in 1994 and registered under Ministry of Industry, so that Aama Group integrates the manufacturing and trading activities

Aama was awarded several awards over the years. In 1993 was rewarded as the best decorated stall at the 2nd Handicraft Trade Fair. In 2000 Aama was recognized as one of the top four exporters of Pashmina goods by Handicraft Association of Nepal (HAN). The company was also selected many times to participate in International Trade Fairs.

Product lines are made of accessories, garments, knitwears and home furnishing. Fibres used are best quality Allo (Nettle) natural fibres, silk and pashminas, cotton and wool. Locally products are sold through the company’s outlet which is located in Club Himalaya, Nagarkot (one of 5 star resort in Nepal ) and heart of tourist area Thamel.