Welcome to Aama Nepal!

We compete effectively in today’s global business environment by constantly delivering cost competitive and high quality products and services that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

Our Products

Dhaka Handwoven Cloth

Pashmina Or Cashmere

Product Name

Santang Embroidery

Butterply Print

Splatter Print

Felted Mukhanta Print

Ekat Print

Aim of the Company

- To carry out profitable operations by means of (a) Exports (b) Retail (c) Wholesale
- To encourage production of high quality Nepalese Handicrafts.
- To advise and control the quality of the product, so that the buyers are satisfied with the quality, time of delivery and competitive price.
- Since its inception the priority of the company is to employ local women to make them self –sufficient contributing to the overall development of the country.